Partnering with Ruby

Ruby is an online tool your clients can use to manage finances and organize documents as they prepare for aging in place. 


Your clients deserve the best, that’s why they came to you. As they prepare to age in place—or care for those who already are—provide them with a resource that enhances your services and strengthens the trust that is so vital to your relationship. Recommend Ruby to help ensure that your clients are stable and prepared.


Strengthen client relationships.
Help them age in place seamlessly.


How Ruby works


Free for three months  |  No credit card required  |  $4.99/month moving forward


What a partnership means

Offer Ruby to your clients as a value-added tool, designed to provide a practical way for either an individual or a family to keep an eye on finances, and ensure that financial independence is secure.

Learn more about Ruby’s security under First Horizon >>

For Elder Law Attorneys

Help your clients protect their own or their loved one’s interests and step into a collaborative approach to finance before it’s too late.

For CPAs

Provide a tool that helps clients better understand either their own or their loved one’s financial activity — without co-mingling assets in a joint account.

For Financial Advisors

Recommend a low-cost service that helps individuals and caregivers spot fraud or mistakes early while financial independence is prolonged.

Safe, Secure, Trustworthy

Security is a major priority, to us and to you. You can feel good giving Ruby your seal of approval thanks to our bank-level security and read-only financial information. Learn more about security >>



How to Partner with Ruby


Our partner model is lightweight and simple: we’ll provide you the tools you need to recommend Ruby’s service to your clients. There’s no work for you beyond introducing Ruby.


Contact us and a Ruby team member will be in touch with more information!