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Ruby and The Right-Brained Person

By Kristina James
Published by Ruby

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A thoughtful family meal, a handmade card for a neighbor, the ability to read your daughter’s body language or tone of voice to tell what’s really going on—these are the gifts of the “right-brained person”. If imagination, creativity, and emotional intelligence are among your strengths, you might be right-brained.

While the idea of right or left-brained tendencies are rooted in pop psychology, there’s a lot of truth to it. Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Kara Federmeier confirms, “where this matters most is in medical contexts, [for example] when people are going to have brain surgery physicians would like to make sure . . . they are not going to disrupt critical functions like language.”

Arguably, right and left brain distinctions matter greatly to those who are nearing old age. Injuries or deterioration of the left brain can affect language, speech, and logic, whereas injuries or deterioration of the right brain typically affect attention, memory, and big-picture focus.


Everyone’s brain is a little different, of course, but chances are you lean either toward creative, subjective thought or logical, analytical thought.

It’s important to strengthen those brain functions and keep practices and tools in your life that enhance your natural inclinations.


If you identify with the artful, right-brained crowd, we think you’ll get a lot out of Ruby.


Here’s why:


Comfort & Stability

For the right-brained mind, aging at home can feel so important. You want to keep your memories close at hand; you want the warmth of familiarity; you want the freedom to express yourself as an individual in your own space as long as possible. Ruby’s tools provide you with the assurance that all your imperative documents and accounts are under one secure roof, so you can stay under yours.


Good Design

You’ve got good taste, and with that comes an appreciation for good design. Not only is Ruby an aesthetically beautiful online tool, it’s also been meticulously designed to make your experience seamless. Each step is easy to follow and clearly marked, and all aspects of the Ruby Circle make the task of monitoring finances and organizing life documents nearly effortless.


Structured, So You Don’t Have To Be

Maybe organization isn’t your strong suit. Maybe you’d rather go for a nature walk than file papers away and manually track your spending. With Ruby, the stepping stones to getting organized are simple, creating for you a structure for planning and keeping track of finances. You won’t have to sweat the nitty-gritty, and you can get back to the outdoors faster.


Family Focus

The heart of Ruby’s functionality lies in the Ruby Circle. It’s a collaborative, online space for teaming up with trusted family and friends on the details of your plans to age in place. It’s more than that, though. The Ruby Circle reflects the crux of any well-lived life—relationships. It invites you to count on those you know love you, and invites them to respond to your trust in them.



We know that there’s a lot to take care of when preparing to age at home. We also know that you’re creative, intuitive, and bold enough to make it work. Ruby’s here to make it even easier.

Satisfy those right-brained tendencies with our well-thought-out tools for monitoring and organizing your life documents and finances. Getting everything in order now means less stress for you and your family in the future.


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