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Ruby and The Left-Brained Person

By Kristina James
Published by Ruby

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A wise word of advice, helping with your nephew’s taxes, organizing a fundraiser for a cause you care about—these are the gifts of the “left-brained person”. If logic, language, and analytical thinking are among your strengths, you might be left-brained.

While the idea of right or left-brained tendencies are rooted in pop psychology, there’s a lot of truth to it. Cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Kara Federmeier confirms, “where this matters most is in medical contexts, [for example] when people are going to have brain surgery physicians would like to make sure . . . they are not going to disrupt critical functions like language.”

Arguably, right and left brain distinctions matter greatly to those who are nearing old age. Injuries or deterioration of the left brain can affect language, speech, and logic, whereas injuries or deterioration of the right brain typically affect attention, memory, and big-picture focus.


Everyone’s brain is a little different, of course, but chances are you lean either toward creative, subjective thought or logical, analytical thought.

It’s important to strengthen those brain functions and keep practices and tools in your life that enhance your natural inclinations.


If you identify with the organized, left-brained crowd, we know you’ll like Ruby.


Here’s why:


Bank-Level Security

Ruby was started by a 155-year-old FDIC-insured bank, First Horizon. Security is our top priority. If you operate as a left-brained person, it’s probably really important to you, too. Your information is 100% private and only viewable by those you authorize to view it. Not even our Customer Care team can see the details of your Ruby Circle.


Optimized Organization

The Ruby Circle is a place for you—along with trusted family and friends—to gather and track vital documents and financial information. It’s all organized under one easy-to-use system. Even the most prudent folks will approve of the Ruby Circle’s functionality as a tool for teamwork, storage, and monitoring.



You’re most comfortable when you’ve got structure in your life. You’ve got your morning routine, and your doctor’s appointments are meticulously planned out in your calendar. The built-in structure and dependability of Ruby’s Circle, Vault, and customizable Alerts will fall right into place in your well-thought-out life.


Detailed Reports

Communication is important to you. You want clear, concise information delivered in a timely manner. Ruby’s got you covered. Ruby gives you monthly overviews of all your connected financial accounts and sends weekly snapshots of activity, complete with well-ordered graphs and color-coded information.



We know that there’s a lot to take care of when preparing to age at home. We also know that you—thoughtful, logical, organized—can handle it. Ruby’s here to make it even easier.

Appease those left-brained tendencies with our detailed, seamless tools for monitoring and organizing your life documents and finances. Getting everything in order now means less stress for you and your family in the future.


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