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How Ruby Works

Ruby is a tool that helps you organize key care information and keep an eye on finances, so you can maintain your independence longer.


Our features are effective and easy-to-use. From secure storage for personal documents to up-to-date reports on financial accounts, Ruby works with you to make aging at home simpler.


Looking for Ruby’s Emergency Medical Information Kit? Click here.

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Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption

Create a Ruby Circle.

Name your Circle

Create a space for you and your trusted family members to access and organize financial details. Name your Circle using either your own name or the name of the person the Circle is for.

Get organized with the Vault

Your Ruby Vault is where you keep all the helpful information to have on hand while aging at home. We even provide a handy checklist that helps you gather financial, legal, health, and home documents for safekeeping.

See everything in one place

Upload important documents and information – will, power of attorney, accountant contact, etc. – that you and your family might need to access. The Ruby Vault is protected by bank-level security from First Horizon Bank.

Access information from anywhere

Through your online Ruby account, you can access all the information in your Ruby Vault anytime, anywhere.

Get financial clarity, keep a clear mind

Connect financial accounts

Ruby is armed with bank-level security and read-only access, which means your information can be seen only by those you give access to. Your checking, savings, and credit card accounts will be available at-a-glance, securely.

Set up custom Alerts

If there’s a problem, Ruby will deliver it right to your phone. Simply set up custom Alerts for signs of unusual activity. Alerts scan all your accounts for missed deposits, high spending, and more potential missteps, sending notifications straight to your phone.

See monthly overviews

With Ruby, you’ll receive an up-to-date Monthly Summary of your financial activity. You’ll also get a report for the previous month, so you can compare and understand all your activity across multiple accounts—from checking to savings to credit card activity.

Get weekly snapshots

Monitoring accounts is as easy as checking your email. Ruby sends detailed weekly snapshots of your checking, savings, and credit card activity right to your inbox. When you spot unusual activity faster, you’ll keep calm and in control.

Ruby is here to help.

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Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption

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