How Ruby Works

When a loved one is showing signs of dementia, Ruby helps you keep an eye on financial activity without taking away independence.


Ruby uses view-only data from your loved one’s existing financial accounts so that you can watch over what’s happening and make sure their finances are protected.
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Keep an eye on finances in real time

Get Connected

To start, connect the bank accounts that you’d like to keep an eye on. You can add more accounts at any time.

Get an overview

See a high-level view of what’s going on in each account. From spending and deposits to balances and trends, you’ll see it all clearly in one simple view.

Weekly Summaries

You’ll get weekly snapshots of account activity so that it’s easy to see patterns without digging through every transaction.

Email Notifications

You don’t even have to remember to log in and check account activity! Ruby sends you a summary email at the start of each week.

Get organized with the Ruby Vault.

Download the Checklist

Ruby provides a handy checklist to help you know what information might be helpful to have on hand when caring for a loved one diagnosed with dementia.

Everything in One Place

Upload your loved one’s important documents and information that you might need to access. The Ruby Vault is protected by bank-level security.

Easy Access

Through your online Ruby account, you can access all the information in your Ruby Vault anytime, anywhere.

Ruby is here to help.

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