Getting Organized: How to Keep it All Straight

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Now that you’ve had the conversation, how do you do this with as much grace, love, and support as possible? How do we care for our children and maintain our dignity while simultaneously needing their help? How do we honor our parent, who have always been the ones who paid all the bills and showed their love by “providing” financial security?

It’s overwhelming. But it is happening. And you might as well jump in… it’s better than being pushed.

Again… if in doubt, make a list.

Here at Ruby our greatest joy is making this simpler for you. Our Getting Started checklist can help you gather some things to make life easier for everyone – parents, children, spouse, doctors, the whole gang. It won’t stop the process, but it will take some of the chaos out of it and help you feel more in control.

Secure but available.

Keep all of this information where you can ALL access it. Create a shared online folder, and also a physical folder that’s easily findable at your loved one’s house with duplicates for your files.

Let Ruby Help With This

Ruby’s Vault is a safe place to store all the information your family needs to care for a loved one. We guide you to gather and store important documents and members of your Circle can access information quickly, from anywhere.


Ruby has more information on the individual items in our checklist online, which is helpful in knowing WHY each document is worth having on hand.


And rest assured, everything in Ruby is protected with the same level of security as an FDIC-insured bank.

Let’s help you gather the most important stuff.

When it’s time to get organized, having the right information on hand can make sure that nothing slips between the cracks. Download our list of recommended information, documents, and contacts every family should have and share. 

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