Commonly Asked Questions


Getting started with any new tool usually comes with a lot of questions. We know creating a Ruby Circle is no different. So, we’ve put together a list of answers to the questions we get asked the most.
“There are so many things that I did not know about and questions I really didn’t even know how to ask.”
- Janet, A Family Caregiver to her Mother Nashville, TN

Who is Ruby For?

Ruby is for families who are sharing the responsibility of caring for a loved one with dementia. Creating a Ruby Circle lets you work together to keep an eye on finances and share important information. Ruby will help your family get organized, stay on top of finances, and make sure that everything is OK.

Getting organized in Ruby means storing key information so that participants in your Ruby Circle can see what they need to see, when they need to see it. Ruby uses real-time financial data from your checking, savings, and credit card accounts to help you monitor financial activity.

Given how precious all this information can be, security is our top concern and a core part of our value. Ruby was started by First Horizon National Corporation, a 155-year-old FDIC-insured bank, and our technology systems are managed with the same security standards.

Your Ruby account information is 100% private and viewable only to members of your Circle. Not even our own Customer Care team can see the details of your Circle without your permission.

Ruby provides families with financial peace-of-mind by using real-time financial data from connected checking, savings, and credit card accounts.

The accounts are connected to your Ruby Circle through a secure process provided by Yodlee. This uses your financial institution’s own security systems to authorize read-only access to your transaction data. This does not authorize Ruby or anyone in your Circle to manage money in your accounts. It only provides access to information.

Once connected, none of your login information is stored in the Circle, so your usernames and passwords remain protected and anonymous.

Ruby helps families with two things. First, we help you organize all the information your family may need to provide care to a loved one with dementia.

We’ve thought beyond the standard estate documents and medical wishes – the Ruby platform lets you store detailed information like allergies or medications, an image of your health insurance card, or even the contact information for a trusted handyman. Our goal is that, no matter what happens, your family has the information you need, when you need it.

Second, Ruby lets you keep an eye on financial activity for your loved one and watch out for fraud or financial mistakes. It is a sad truth, but dementia puts people’s finances at risk. From simple mistakes to the real threat of elder fraud, Ruby wants to provide transparency to help keep your loved one’s money safe, and keep their independence longer.

In life, we all have circles of friends and family. In Ruby, you’ll have the same. A Ruby Circle is a safe place to keep an eye on finances and organize information for your loved one. You will name the Circle after the person being cared for, and you can invite collaborators to share information and get insight into financial activity.