We’re designing Ruby as a new day-to-day financial management and information sharing tool just for families.

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Inspired by our families.

Built for yours.

Each member of our team has encountered the complexities of working with our families through difficult transitions. The uncomfortable conversations. The stress of surprises. The anxiety about life-changing events and shifting family roles. The balance of helping, but not over-stepping. 

After talking with our friends and neighbors, we discovered that many of them had experienced the same and wished they had a guide or a tool to make it easier. So that's why we’re building Ruby... to help your family navigate through life’s challenging  transitions with 
trust, transparency, and respect.

Join our family as we build Ruby for all families.

We want your feedback and your stories as we bring Ruby to life.
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Families do life together.

But that doesn’t mean that all family relationships are easy.

We believe that families should have a simple and easy way to help each other with financial, legal, and health matters, no matter how complicated the relationship. 

Caring for an aging loved one can be overwhelming.

Helping them protect their money and manage important information shouldn’t be.

Whether due to illness, an unexpected life change, or just the natural process of aging, at some point most of us will need to take a more active role in the lives of our parents.  Monitoring expenses. Paying bills. Accessing health information and important legal documents. Ruby lets families join together to share these responsibilities with trust, transparency, and respect.

Help in tough times.

No parent wants to be burden to their children as they get older.

We know that losing independence is uncomfortable, even painful.  But preparing in advance and giving your family the right information and the right tools can ease that pain for all involved.  Ruby guides you to store and share vital information so that others can provide help when you need it.


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