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Ruby is here to help you and your family organize, monitor, and protect your personal documents and finances.
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Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption

Getting started is simple. Here’s how it works:

1. Create Your Circle.

A Ruby Circle takes the guesswork out of staying connected. Your Circle is a collaborative space for you and your family to access and organize financial details. Set yours up in just minutes.

2. Organize Your Info

Get organized now so you can rest easy later. Ruby assists you and your Circle in gathering, organizing, and storing critical information. Our tools will get you organized fast and keep you protected.

3. Connect Your Accounts.

Seeing your information all in one easy place will help you gain clarity. Ruby gathers up-to-date information by pulling read-only information from your bank, so you and your family can monitor finance, together.

Get help without giving up control. Ruby's tools for aging at home make it possible.

Work together in one easy-to-manage Circle.

Enable those you trust to help you when you'll need it most. With your Ruby Circle, your family can stay in the loop on finances and important care details, all while your information stays secure.

Keep an eye on finances with the right tools.

Ruby uses read-only information from your accounts and offers customizable tools that suit your family’s needs. We'll help track daily activity, spot fraud, and avoid missteps – all while protecting your independence.

All Accounts In One Place

Gathering info from multiple banks or credit card providers is no small task. Ruby does it for you – automatically. You’ll have the power to view and share your financial details all in one place, anytime. Learn more about our secure account connection.

Monthly Summaries

When living on a fixed budget, cashflow is king. Ruby makes sense of monthly financial activity as it’s happening, providing clear and up-to-date views of spending and deposits, and comparing to previous months for helpful context.

Weekly Snapshots

If you wait a month to review bank statements, you might miss errors that you could've stopped earlier. Ruby delivers a weekly snapshot of financial activity right to your inbox, so you can stop those errors from repeating.

Receive Alerts

Get control of problematic patterns – from budget missteps to missed deposits. Ruby guides you through setting up custom text message alerts that work across all your connected accounts.

Track Bills *

Getting bills paid can be a constant source of anxiety. With Ruby, you’ll get reminders of upcoming bills and the power to track their status, giving you peace of mind.

* Coming early 2020

Detailed Reports

Spot financial missteps faster with the right information. Ruby helps you and your family watch over key aspects of financial activity, like cash and check usage, where fraud or errors often appear first.

Securely store important information.

Now more than ever, it's important to keep your sensitive information safe. Store your documents, records, and contact info securely in our online Vault, built with bank-level security. You and your Circle will be able to access your information quickly, from anywhere.

Ruby library

Aging can feel overwhelming. Aging at home? Even more so. Our library of free resources can help you take the next steps with confidence.

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Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption

Safer than a joint checking account.

Ruby gives your family the information they need without the risk of combining assets or needing to visit the bank.

Less costly than hiring a financial advisor.

Ruby is your guide to getting organized and staying on top of things, in just a few minutes per week.

Founded on security.

Ruby is built on tried-and-true bank security systems. Store your important information with confidence.

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