Financial clarity for families

When the time comes to care for a loved one, Ruby helps families get organized and enjoy financial peace-of-mind.
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How Ruby works:

Create a Circle.

Create a collaborative space for you and your family to access details about your loved one.

Connect financial accounts.

Connect existing bank accounts to pull in and summarize financial information in real-time.

Get (and stay) organized.

Organize important information so you can keep your loved one safe and provide the care they need.

Work together as a family.

Ruby allows you to create a Circle - a secure space where your family can transparently work together. Keep everyone in the loop on your loved one’s financial status and care information.

Keep an eye on money.

Ruby shows you multiple bank accounts and institutions in a single view. We'll send you weekly summaries so you can watch what's coming in and going out, and look out for fraud or missteps.

All accounts in one place

Managing accounts from multiple sources can be a pain. Ruby lets you see them all in one place.

View spending

Ruby helps you understand current and historical spending across multiple accounts so you can look for missteps.

Checks and withdrawals

Elder fraud often relies on cash and check. Ruby helps you easily spot signs of abuse.

Watch for deposits

Deposit timing is everything on a fixed budget. Ruby helps you make sure deposits are on time.

Identify trends

When you're new to your loved one's finances, Ruby helps you understand history — and keep things normal going forward.

Coming soon: Track bills

Ruby helps you organize the bills and track that they're getting paid on time.

Securely store important info.

Gather important documents, records, and contact information and store them in an online Vault. Access the information you need quickly, from anywhere. Ruby is built with bank-level security.

Try Ruby for 3 months, free.

Ruby's "Early Edition" is available now.

To celebrate, we're offering a no-risk trial period: 3 months free, no credit card required. Get the clarity you need, or cancel anytime — and help us build the best financial caregiving tool for families.

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Safer than a joint checking account.

Ruby gives families the information they need without the risk of combining assets or needing to visit the bank.

Easier than hiring a financial advisor.

You can do it yourself! Ruby is your guide to getting organized and staying on top of things, in just a few minutes per week.

Security is our foundation.

Ruby is built on tried-and-true bank security systems. Store your important information with confidence.

Ruby library

Our library of free resources can help you step into financial caregiving with confidence.