Financial Clarity for Families

Helping you take good care of those you love.

Caring for a family member is never easy. Ruby can help.

When the time comes to help a loved one manage their finances, it can feel like untangling a knot of accounts, documents, and bills accrued over a lifetime. Let Ruby be your guide to financial care.

Get started, get organized, and get peace-of-mind right away.

How it works:

Create a Circle in Ruby and connect your loved one’s bank accounts.

Follow Ruby's guide to collect, store, and share the key information your family needs.

Invite family members and work together in providing care.

More secure than sharing tools.

Ruby is built on bank-level security so you know your important information and documents are safe.

Keep an eye on finances.

It’s hard to keep up with a loved one’s daily finances. Especially when they have multiple accounts at various institutions.

With Ruby, you can monitor balances across all accounts, make sure bills are paid, and ensure your loved one’s finances are safe from fraud or mistakes.

Get guidance you trust.

It's easy to get busy and not have time to track your loved one's accounts and bills. Plus, you don't always have a financial planner on hand to know what to do with them.

Ruby provides weekly and monthly account summaries with explanations and guidance. Get a snapshot of bills, spending, and income so you can be sure your loved one is ok.

Stay organized and secure.

Knowing what information you need on hand to care for a loved one can be overwhelming. Maintaining and sharing that information with other family members is an even greater challenge.

Ruby gives you a checklist of the financial, medical, and legal documents you will need as you take care of your loved one. This information can even be stored in a sharable Ruby vault with the same security features as an FDIC insured bank.

Work together as a family.

Families often want transparency and shared responsibility for caregiving. Ruby lets family members collaborate on financial management, keeping everyone in the loop.

You can create a Ruby circle for your loved one and invite trusted family members to be a part of it. With different levels of access assigned, each person can view the information they need at any time.

Why Ruby?

Ruby is safer than a joint checking account.

Ruby gives families the information they need without the risk of combining assets or a visit to the bank.

Ruby is easier than hiring a financial advisor.

When the family needs to be "in the know," Ruby is your guide to get organized in minutes.

Help your loved one manage finances

After your first two months of using Ruby for free, it is only $9.99 per month for each Ruby Circle you create after that time. You can cancel at any time.