Save money on your medical bills.

Organize your medical bills and save money with Ruby’s app for medical bill management.

Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption

We understand. Medical bills are overwhelming. Ruby is here to help.

Verify your charges

An estimated 80% of medical bills contain errors. By taking a picture of your bills and uploading them to your secure account, Ruby's Medical Bill Manager will help you verify costs based on the care that was given.

Negotiate medical bills.

Less than 15% of people ask to negotiate their medical bills, or even know that negotiation is an option. The Ruby app helps you determine not only which bills you can negotiate, but how to negotiate them.

Create a payment plan.

Once you've verified payments and negotiated down costs, you can build a payment plan. Enter what you're able to pay upfront, and what you can pay each month. You'll get a clear timeline of when your bills will be paid off.

Getting organized is half the battle.

We've talked to many people who have struggled to get a handle on their medical bills. Understanding what you owe and how it can be negotiated is often the hardest part. Ruby's Medical Bill Manager is here to change that.

Ruby's commitment to security.

Security is our top priority. We use top-of-the-line technology systems that are managed using bank-level security standards, processes, procedures, and even personnel for managing risk. You and those you choose to share your information with will be able to access it quickly and securely, from anywhere.

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Medical bills can be complicated and unexpected. Ruby helps you take control.

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Bank-level security | 256-bit SSL encryption

1. Upload Bills

Take a picture of your medical bills from your phone and upload them to your secure account. Ruby will analyze them and pull out the most important information.

2. Set up a Payment Plan

Ruby will help you determine how to work with providers to pay down debt on your time. Build a plan based on what you're able to contribute to your medical bills each month.

3. Keep Track of the Details

Ruby allows you to create a timeline of events and notes related to your medical bills. Set tasks and reminders so that you never forget the status of a bill.

Ruby’s response to COVID-19

We believe in helping people. In response to these challenging times, our team built a free tool for you and your family to prepare for a medical emergency.